Episode 90: Escape From L.A., Split, Legion S1e5+6

Hola muchachos and also women.

This week we watched so many things. We talk about an oldie yet maybe not goodie but maybe more of a goodie than its predecessor. I’m of course referring to Escape from L.A.. We also chat about a bunch of stuff we’ve been watching including Master of NoneAngie Tribeca, Party Down and Hot Girls Wanted. It was quite a week. Our main movie of discussion was Split. We highly recommend you watch it before listening to our spoilers segment. If you’re looking to get straight to our Legion discussion jump to 1:21:45 after we call out spoilers.

Next week we’re discussing Alien: CovenantThe VVitch, and Slither. We also will be finishing up Legion, the last episode of which will be leaving Hulu on May 28th for SOME REASON?!

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