Episode 56: What We Do In The Shadows, Eagle vs Shark, Stranger Things S1e4

Oi everybody,

This week we watch a couple of New Zealand-ish Taika Waititi films, namely What We Do In The Shadows and Eagle Vs Shark. The latter is available on Netflix! We also, as usual, talk about an episode of Stranger Things and the latest episode of Mr. Robot. After all of that we have a little impromptu discussion about House and Mark Twain? Tune in to find out!

Next week there will be no episode as it will be going up 3 days later than usual (we’re switching to Mondays as our post date). On that day we’ll be talking about all of the Bridget Jones movies. Yeah all of them, you got a problem with that?! That includes the new one which is in theaters and is getting good reviews.

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