Episode42: Moon, Ghostbusters (1984), Gadgets we want, Fringe S1e14+15

Houston, we have podcast.

This week we discuss a little movie from the director of the upcoming Warcraft film; it’s called Moon. We both liked it and think you should definitely watch it before listening to our thoughts, so if you want to skip past our spoilery stuff on Moon (which start at, 20:20) go forward to 29:30. At that point we start talking about the original Ghostbusters that we had the pleasure of watching on the big screen a few days ago. We don’t go into spoilers there but you should really watch it cause it’s really funny. We also discuss the gadgets from TV/Film/Games that we’d most want in real life. We top things off with some Fringe and some Preacher.

Next week it’s Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason LivesIt should be mentioned that neither Phillip nor Robby have seen parts 1 through 5. It should be fun.

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