Episode 24: Remakes, John Wick, Twin Peaks S2e16

Hello again listeners,

This week we talk about a 2014 action movie starring Keanu Reeves. It’s called John Wick and we highly recommend it. “But wait, Two Guys Watch blog poster!” you say, “You guys start with a topic!” That right, loyal listener, and this week our topic is movie remakes. Are they a good thing? Have any stories been improved by a remake? Do we want any of our favorite classics remade? Let us know your answers to these questions on our Facebook Page. “And you end the episode with Twin Peaks, right?” Yes, listener, that’s what we do.

Next week we watch Payback with Mel Gibson (Amazon Prime link) which contrary to what Rob says in the episode is NOT on Netflix. Our topic next week is celebrity meltdowns, so let us know your favorite and most memorable ones.

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