Episode 20: Primer, What we keep going back to, Twin Peaks S2e12

Oh hello everyone.

This week we watched a fantastic movie called Primer, which can be found on Netflix. It’s only 77 minutes, we really recommend it! After that we talk about the TV shows and movies that we keep going back to. Let us know on our Facebook group what media you keep going back and rewatching. This week our Twin Peaks discussion got a little more in-depth as we try to break down what the appeal of the show is at this point, since it’s certainly become unappealing to us. If you’ve seen Twin Peaks all the way through and love it, please let us know what about it appeals to you! We’d love to know!

Next week we watch The American, with George Clooney (Netflix Link). Phillip recommends it, Robby has not seen it.

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