Coming August 29th!

Hey all,

On August 29th, my friend Robby and I will be launching our new podcast, Two Guys Watch. In it, we’ll be discussing the new Fantastic Four and the classic, Forrest Gump. We’ll also be talking about episode one of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Every week we’ll talk about one episode; neither of us have seen any of it yet and we’d love for you to join us in our first viewing. We won’t hold back on anything we talk about, so spoiler warning up front. You’ll probably want to watch Forrest Gump and Twin Peaks episode 1 if you haven’t seen them yet, but you can probably skip Fantastic Four. We’ll still be spoiling it, but be honest with yourself, you’re not going to go see that movie. Might as well let us break it down for you. As of the time of this posting both Forrest Gump and Twin Peaks can be found on Netflix’s Watch Instantly service.

The podcast will run about 60 minutes (though the first episode is a little longer) and will post every Thursday. We look forward to you joining us!

If you have any suggestions of films to watch or any input on the movies we’ll be watching, you can send your feedback to .